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The name is of French Origin, from Deyville, a village or district in France from the word David. Deuel, Duel, Davol, Davall, Devol, Duval, Duell, Dewell and numerous other spellings. Devel was a popular version among the fourth  generation.  Mayflower families use Devol in their listings of descendants of George Soule.   Give Me Your Golden Hand (GMYGH ) makes reference to the name change of Benjamin Deuel.
The family was Huguenot.  William and his wife were Quakers.


                                         FIRST GENERATION

William DAVOL, first appeared in American documentation in Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts on 3 August 1640, when he applied for a parcel of land. In 1643 he was in Braintree, in 1645 in Rehoboth where he was constable in 1649 and on 17 March 1653, William was made a freeman of Newport, Rhode Island. He died after 1680. He married possibly to Elizabeth "Isabel" Anderson in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England 29 Aug 1639. Their children include John, Joseph, Benjamin and Jonathan.

2.  Jonathan DAVOL, son of William Davol, born abt 1655, Newport, RI, died 1737/1742 Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He owned land in the Thomas Hawley Patent, 50,000 acres in Westchester. He married, 1665, Dartmouth, MA, Hannah Audley, who was baptized Oct 29, 1643, at Boston, daughter of John Audley and Margaret of Boston.  Hannah was the mother of all the children.  He married (2) 9 Nov 1730 to Martha (Spooner) Wing, widow of John Wing.  Children of  Jonathan Davol and Hannah Audley were Jonathan, Joseph (changed name to Dee), Benjamin, Jeremiah, Mary, William, Anne, Hannah, Abigail, Sarah, and   Elizabeth.

3.  Joseph DAVOL, son of Jonathan Deuel and Hannah Audley, died in 1726 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He was a member of the Dartmouth Friends Monthly Meeting. (GMYGH has the father of Benjamin Deuel engaged in oriental trade, sailed from Nantucket and brought back treasures, silver spoons, porcelain from China and much blue delf.)

Joseph Davol married c1699, Mary Soule, born in Duxbury, daughter of George Soule (2) and Deborah.  Will dated 14 Nov 1726, widow Mary executrix.  Their children were Christopher, Lydia, Joseph, Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, and Jonathan.

4. Benjamin DEUEL, son of Joseph Davol and Mary Soule, was born January 26, 1709, Dartmouth, Massachusetts and died 19 January 1792, Oblong, New York. Will dated March 23, 1788.  Last change to the will of Benjamin Duel was made January 17, 1792, witnessed by Nathaniel Bowdish Jr, Nathan Soule, and Edward Shove, Duchess County.  Sons, John & Benjamin were to be joint executors.  He lived at Tiverton, Rhode Island until his move to Devel's Hollow, Oblong, Duchess County, NY, either (1735 GMYGH) or 1742. (GMYGH: About 1775 he grew tired of Devil and declared that from henceforth it would be written Deuel on any agreement signed by him or his.)

Benjamin Deuel, married August 22, 1731, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Sarah Mosher, daughter of John Mosher and Experience Kirby. Their children were George, Joseph, Benjamin, Jonathan, Bathsheba, Sarah, Hannah, John and Abigail.

5.   John DEUEL, son of Benjamin Deuel and Sarah Mosher, born abt 1738,
died after Sept. 1806. The will of John Duel dated 16 Sept 1806, proved Duchess Co. 28 Nov 1808, named wife Anna. It is believed that she was wife of William Tripp. Anna would be wife #2. The will of John Duel states William Tripp, son of Anna was to receive one cow and ten sheep. This was erased before signing. Sons Cornelius and William were named executors.

Children of John Deuel were Cornelius, Gideon, Peter, Reuben, Sarah, Cloah, Rebecca, Patience and William.

Reuben Deuel married Amy Arnold,   E-mail me direct if you are researching this line. Roberta

We are more than happy to share our research for your personal use. However, it seems some sites feel our research is better served on their pages than where it originated.  As a result we have made changes in our web page.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Roberta


Ancestors of Joseph Duell:  Laura McGaffey Clarenbach
Centennial History of the Town of Dryden,NY 1797-1897: George Goodrich
Colonial & Revolutionary Lineage's of America
Davol-Willetts Genealogy:  Josephine C. Frost
Devol, Long, and Allied Family Histories: Nellie Devol Long
Deuel in Warren County, NY:  Christine Duell Burley
Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families: Holmes
Mayflower Marriages-Files of George Ernest Bowman
Mayflower Deeds & Probates-Files of George E. Bowman
Soule Genealogy
Surrogate Court Records of
Phedora Deuel
330 Years in America 1635 - 1965: Gertrude Genevieve Duel Icks, A.B.


Give Me Your Golden Hand: By Evelyn Eaton, the daughter of an officer in the Canadian Army, born in Switzerland, educated in England and France. (Published 1951)  It appears that Evelyn Eaton lived in the original Deuel home for a number of years and wrote the book at that time.  The will of Benjamin Deuel is printed almost word for word in the novel. It appears that the lines omitted contained word/words that the author was not able to decipher. The story takes place18th century England and America when the colonies struggled with the rebellious spirit of freedom.  Travel back in time, visit the Deuel family farm, and Quaker Hill during the American Revolution.  Check with your local library, they may be able to obtain a copy for you. 


The Oblong, a narrow strip of land, 61,440 acres, along the eastern boarders of Duchess, Putnam and Westchester counties, which was ceded to New York by Connecticut in 1731, in return for a rectangular strip along Long Island Sound and west of the boundary line that had been confirmed by the crown in 1700. The survey of the boundary line made at this time was satisfactory to neither NY or CT, bickering continued until 1860, when a survey was made that satisfied both states. (Dictionary of Am. History)  Deuel Hollow is part of the Oblong and the area the Deuel's lived in Duchess County.

A marker denotes the western boundary of Connecticut under an agreement reached in 1683 between Governor Thomas Dongan of NY and Governor Robert Treat of Connecticut. Later the Treaty of Dover signed on May 14, 1731 moved the western border of Connecticut about two miles farther east to the present border known as "The Oblong" sixty miles long and approximately two miles wide extending from the southern border of Massachusetts to Long Island Sound. Erected by the Historical Society of Quaker Hill and Vicinity, 1976. Families living in Connecticut when they went to sleep found when they woke up in the morning they were now living in New York.

First Commission for Detecting and
Defeating Conspiracies in the State of NY

Minutes of the Committee, Thursday, May 15, 1777, Board met:
(Page 290) -  Sons of Benjamin Deuel were  among those to be apprehended immediately.  Wednesday, May 28, 1777, Board met: (Page 307) - John Deuel, Jonathan Deuel and Benj. Deuel Jun having affirmed their Allegiance to this State ordered that they be discharged. 

Northrup/Deuel Marriages:

1) Deuel that married Eunice Northrup(b. Feb 5, 1807) in Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY
2) Frederick Deuel (Duel) (b. abt 1783)  married Nancy Northrop
3) Mary Fish (b. abt 1803, daughter of Rebecca Deuel (b. abt 1780) who married Thomas Fish)  married (1 Oct. 1823) Gould A. Northrup
Northrup Web Page



Darryl's Genealogy
Jay Deuel   Emphasizes William Henry Deuel.
Deuel Search Web Page    Descends from Jeremiah Davol and Sarah Allen,
son of Jonathan Davol and  Hannah Odlin. 
U.S.S. Deuel  Haskell Class Attack Transport
Devol Genealogy Book  Devol Genealogy researched by Jerry Barker Devol.
Shaw-Tatoun Homestead   Descends from Jonathan Deuel and Hannah Audley  through son, Jeremiah and his daughter Ruth Davol.
Don Weymouth
Tripp Genealogical Web
Peggy Deuel Harper      


Sally Peterson  Descends from Jeremiah B. Deuel and Molly Doughty.  As far as who Jeremiah B. Deuel descends from, that remains to be proven. The latest thought is Benanuel Deuel (Timothy, Jeremiah, Jonathan, William Davol).
Laurie Ronan  Searching for descendants of Henry L. Davol, Little Compton, RI.
Michael H.Stafford  Descends from Lydia Davol, daughter of William Davol.
                               Ancestor Surnames
Beverly and Larry Alexander   Descends from Jeremiah Davol and Sarah Allen,
son of Jonathan Davol and  Hannah Odlin.  Surnames they are researching.
Susan Glass  Descends from Lucy Ann Duell, daughter of Jeremiah Deuel.
Cheryl Deuel Line of Jonathan and Kenziah Macumber ( Jonathan, Jonathan,
William Davol.)
Audrey  Descends from Ruth Davol, daughter of Jeremiah Davol (1677)  and Sarah Allen.  Ruth married Samuel Howland Aug. 3, 1748.
Greg Deuel  Descends from Cornelius, son of John Deuel (5).  Compiling a data base of "Deuels" who served during our nations conflicts.


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